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Microblading is one of the oldest methods of drawing hairs. This makes it possible to set the finest hairs. Microblading therefore offers the most natural pigmentation result. The average microblading treatment time is approximately 2 hours and includes the following stages:

Comprehensive and personal advice

Exact measuring and drawing

Choice of color in a form appropriate to the type

If necessary, anesthesia and then pigmentation

Pigmentation is carried out using a special manual pen that is equipped with a sterile blade, comparable to a blade consisting of several needles lined up one behind the other, and works the color very finely into the skin. This enables a perfectly clear and natural-looking hair drawing. After healing, the pulled hairs become on average 0.1mm-0.3mm thicker.

No exact information can be given about the durability as this depends on various factors and varies for each customer. Skin condition and care after treatment play a role. The oilier the skin is and the faster it can regenerate, the shorter the pigmentation lasts.

On average, microblading lasts 1.5 years.

In 90% of cases, follow-up treatment is required from the 3-4 week onwards. Approximately 28 days after the skin has healed.